What is the ACTIVAGE Marketplace?

The ACTIVAGE Marketplace is a one-stop-shop for providing, discovering and deploying applications through ACTIVAGE

What can I find on it?

In Marketplace you can find applications already deployed on ACTIVAGE Depoloyment Sites and in the future all the AIOTES Compliant Applications that are currently under development

How can I get a published app from the marketplace?

Just use the simpe or advanced search provided to locate the app you are looking for and then click on the Install/Download button to the get the offered bundle. The downloaded file will contain everything needed in order to deploy the app.

How can I share my experience of an app with other users?

You can use the rating system to rate the apps you have already downloaded.

I have located an virus/bug what should I do?

Marketplace offers a reporting system through which you can report issues regarding malware and/or bad language/ abusive content to the administrators in order to take action accordingly.


How to deploy and application to the marketplace?

First of all we encourage you to read:

  • ACTIVAGE Specifications
  • ACTIVAGE Terms of Usages

The you can register to the marketplace in your desired way and request access to the developers portal. Then using the new application form you can upload your application to the marketplace.

Can I upload non-free applications to the marketplace

Marketplace supports payments through secure PayPal platform. One time small fee payments will be supported in marketplace on full production.

I have just uploaded an app to the markeplace, but cannot locate in search.

Don't worry that is normal. New apps are taken through both through automated virus checks and by hand checks from marketplace administrators in order to verify integrity. You' ll get a copy of the results on your email as soon as your app is ready to be published.